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Conquerors SC

Conquerors SC joins Ghana Rugby Club Championship

Conquerors SC joins Ghana Rugby Club Championship

Dec 1, 2015

The Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) Tournament Commissioner, Mr. Steve Noi, announced on Monday 30 November 2015 that a newly established team registered in the Ashanti Region, Conquerors Sporting Club (SC), has been allowed to join the 2015/16 GRCC.

“In the 2014/15 GRCC ten teams competed in the tournament and the objective was to get ten teams to compete again in the 2015/16 GRCC. Due to various factors, however, only seven teams registered for the current tournament,” Mr. Noi said.

According to Mr. Noi the objective is still to end the 2015/16 GRCC with ten teams having played each other team once before the semi-finals and finals.

Mr. Noi continued to say,” One can plan as much as you want but circumstances sometimes dictate that one exercises extreme flexibility that may result in the adjustment of plans and tournament organisation, even if it complicates matters.”

According to Mr. Abdu-Aziz Issah, Secretary General of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), the new team, Conquerors SC, has duly registered with the (GRFU) and the 2015/16 GRCC and has registered its players on the central Players’ Register.

Mr. Herbert Mensah, President of the GRFU, welcomed the addition of the Conquerors SC to not only the 2015/16 GRCC but also as the first Club in the Ashanti Region.

“Ghana Rugby has for many years focussed on only the Greater Accra Region and then branched out to the CentWest Zone that has in hindsight not left us with a solid base there. The GRFU Board is committed to take Rugby to all Regions of the country and this latest addition from the Ashanti Region is hopefully the first step to achieve that mission,” Mr. Mensah said.

He continued to say that the branching out of Rugby to other Regions will also play an important consideration when World Rugby evaluates Ghana Rugby again for purpose of full membership.

In order for the team to catch up with the other teams in terms of matches played two week matches have been arranged in Cape Coast.

In the first match on Tuesday 1 December 2015 at 3pm Conquerors SC will face UCC Spartans RFC, while they will compete with Griffons RFC on Wednesday 2 December 2015 at 11am. Both matches will be played at the St Augustines SHS Park.

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