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CentWest Initiates Rugby Training Programmes in Cape Coast

CentWest Initiates Rugby Training Programmes in Cape Coast

Dec 17, 2015

The CentWest Rugby Association has initiated various Rugby training events in Cape Coast to improve the levels of officiating and general knowledge about the laws of the Game.

Mr. Clement Dennis,  Referee Coordinator in CentWest and head coach of Griffons RFC, who initiated the programmes said that it is essential to improve the levels of knowledge of the Game of Rugby and specifically the Laws of Rugby Union as laid down by the world governing body, World Rugby.

“A lot has been said about the quality of refereeing during the matches of the Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) and as we know the spectators always know better. This is not to say that there is nothing wrong with the quality of refereeing but it is indeed an acknowledgement that good refereeing without proper training will always be a point of criticism,” he said.

The first initiative involved a referee refresher course that was attended by all those involved in officiating in CentWest.

Mr. Dennis also initiated a weekly meeting at UPSS (University Practises Secondary School) on Wednesdays at 3pm to discuss the laws of the Rugby.

In addition a weekly fitness session will be held on the beach at Cape Coast every Thursday at 4pm.

“Everybody of the Rugby Family is welcome to attend any of these sessions and is also invited to bring other people in order to create a greater awareness and understanding of the Game we came to love,” Mr. Dennis said.

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